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Pest Control

When you feel mice, cockroaches, ants, flies have infested your home or workplace – you can be temporarily traumatized with the experience. We understand the frustration and hygiene concerns especially as it becomes a nuisance making your life stop at a standstill until you get the help required to get rid of the rodents. We have the specialists at hand who can conquer the pests at the earliest signs of an infestation. No doubt, skilled professionals are required and we can provide you just that. You can be rest-assured that this service will be one to be actioned immediately due to its horrific pace of growth. Emergency call-outs can often cost hundreds of pounds but unfortunately, there is no way out. With us, you can be guaranteed the emergency call-out within a reasonable price provided you are registered with us. We promise you fast and efficient service.

Renovation - Painting & Decorating

A leakage in water pipes have left the wall damp with stains – what to do?

Leave it to us – often it’s easy to repair a leaking pipe by replacing it but it is the cosmetics that require the attention. Any tenant viewing a property would be put off with a brown water stain on its ceiling or wall – that’s where we come in! We can provide you with instant repair and renovation services to ensure you have a presentable property in order.

Gas Safety

Gas Safety has become a legal requirement under the UK Laws of Landlord and Tenant. It can be a tedious task and easily overlooked with severe repercussions. We can take this important burden off your shoulders and keep you on-top of your legal responsibilities as a Landlord.

Energy Performance

Like Gas Safety, Energy Performance Certification is another legal requirement to comply with as a Landlord. Again, we can help you to get the services by professionals qualified to certify.


Often, we have provided cleaning staff to reputable hotels and large companies. But the need has increased greatly whereby cleaners are required for personal use in residential homes. We can supply cleaners to your homes and offices. Please contact us to book a cleaner near you.

We are based in East London, but provide services in all areas. We have qualified and trained staff that provide quality work which you will be proud of. So, give us a call today and let’s see how we can work for you.​